The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa is a solidarity organisation which sees dissemination of information as its most important tool in its contribution towards justice and development in and for Africa. Read more >

Watch our new film: The Norwegian Paradox - oil in Angola


Angola is Norway’s “biggest and most important economic partner in Africa” says the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Angolan continental shelf is the largest contributor to Statoil’s production outside Norway, and last year the company paid NOK 30 billion in taxes to the Angolan government – more than the sum total of Norwegian development aid. But what happens to all the money? Does it contribute to development and strengthen human rights? Or does it help to keep a corrupt regime in power?

We travelled to Angola to follow the money.The film is directed by Even Stormyhr.

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Patrick Gathara

Patrick Gathara

No. Nudity Is Not Your Choice. And Here’s Why It Shouldn't Be

Why are gangs of men allowed to roam our city streets, attacking women with impunity and stripping them of their clothes and dignity? Why is another gang of men roaming the internet and seeking to put women I their place? Why do any of them feel they can arrogate to themselves the authority to dictate to our women how they should dress?

I find it hard to believe that the #NudityIsNotMyChoice crowd are too dim to see the link between the idea that they should have a choice over what women wear and actually doing something to enforce that. They are thus being disingenuous when the claim that they are against the assaults on women. In fact, their leader and spokesman, Robert Alai, has flip-flopped on the issue, first advocating for the stripping of supposedly indecently dressed women and later suggesting that those who do so should be jailed.

His moral acrobatics are illustrative of the intellectual confusion of those who on the one hand protest their belief that women should not be subjected to such indignities while on the other hand insisting that women conform to their ideas of propriety. It is inconceivable that they do not realize that these are two sides of the same coin.… ( Read on! )
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