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Patrick Gathara

Patrick Gathara

Despite Its Faults, The ICC Is Still Important

There is a lot that is wrong with the international justice system. It is not only selective in the cases it chooses to pursue, but many times is weighed down by political as opposed to exclusively legal considerations. In recent times, it has not even proven itself as a particularly effective means of meting out justice even to those it has opted to pursue as evidenced by the International Criminal Court’s woeful conviction record.

Yet for all its faults, it is still important. For many in countries where dominant elites murder and plunder with impunity, it still represents a hope for justice. This was the reason why a few years ago, the majority in Kenya favoured trials at the Hague for those most responsible for the violence that followed the December 2007 elections in which more than 1,200 of our countrymen lost their lives and hundreds of thousands more were displaced from their homes.

One of those who pushed for the trials was Ngunjiri Wambugu who in 2011 was part of a coalition of civil society groups who repudiated the Government’s position that Kenya’s sovereignty, as opposed to criminal liability, was at stake in the cases facing six Kenyans at The Hague. As director… ( Read on! )
Africa Blog Forum

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