Spotlight on Nigeria

Spotlight on Nigeria

The Norwegian Council for Africa proudly presents four public events in three days, October 14th, 15th and 16th, that shed lights on some of the most prominent political and social issues in Nigeria today. We have cooperated with the film festival Film fra Sør and the Norwegian Human Right Fund (NHRF) in the planning of these events. Les mer >

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Høring om Stortingsmelding 29 Globalisering og handel

Høring om Stortingsmelding 29 Globalisering og handel

Fellesrådet for Afrika deltok torsdag 1. oktober i  i Utenriks- og forsvarskomiteens høring om stortingsmeldingen "Globalisering og handel". Det er mulig å se opptak fra høringen på Stortingets web-TV. Vi er ut som nummer to i høringen, ved daglig leder Johan N. Hermstad.
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​Sustainable Urbanisation and the African City: Challenges, Opportunities and Measuring Progress

Sted: Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

Plan Norges konferanse 2015 - Tema: Hvordan å stoppe kjønnsbasert vold i skolen og i lokalsamfunnet

Sted: Det Norske Teatret, Oslo

Spotlight on Nigeria

Sted: See the Facebook page for the event details.,
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Patrick Gathara

Patrick Gathara

What Obama Did Not Find The Courage To Say

The much awaited visit of US President Barack Obama to Kenya is done and dusted. By nearly all accounts, it was a massive success, showcasing the country as an investment destination and providing Kenyans an opportunity to claim the Kenyan-American leader of the free world as one of their own. However, in the fading afterglow of the trip, we can now begin to evaluate the events of the weekend. Perhaps a good place to start is with his previous visit here.

A leaked confidential US diplomatic cable reporting on a meeting between then opposition leader, Uhuru Kenyatta and the then freshman Senator for Illinois during the latter’s 2006 tour of Kenya, contains this interesting exchange:

“Senator Obama commented that when he returns to Kenya in 10, or five years, he hopes he will not hear the same comments about KANU and its failure to reform.  Kenyatta then challenged the Senator to publicly identify him as dishonest if he failed to remain on the reform track, stating that it is Kenya's true friends who will tell them when they are naked.”

9 years later, Obama did return as President of the United States and again met with Kenyatta, now President of Kenya. Did Obama take… ( Read on! )
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